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Project Description

Twitter Digital Marketing in Singapore

FansTime Twitter goal: increase the number of followers and grow up engagement rate.

After analysing tbe current Twitter marketing campaign, the following ammeliorations has been suggested:

  • Tweet out more questions. Example: “Who can guess which country we are meeting in next week?”
  • Keep response rate above 90%;
  • Post more retweets of other people’s posts;
  • Video strategy amelioration; Tone of voice: friendly, funny;
  • Gifting strategy. More promotions and contests.
  • Use of other platforms to increase twitter follower’s growth.
  • Special plateforms and techniques to increase post visibility and engagement rates.
  • More customer’s reviews=higher engagement rate. Ask app users to leave a review on their twitter mentioning FansTime in exchange of some discount.
  • Company’s reputation improvement.
  • More visual consistency. Colors schemes has been adjusted.

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28th September, 2018


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